Headshot of Rosie Walker, President of Mediate.ly

Rosie Walker, President

If you think a machine is relentless, you haven’t met Rosie. With over 20 years of experience developing marketing strategies, our visionary leader has a deep instinct for matching data-driven insights with leading-edge media buying practices. Rosie has overseen campaigns for The Hartford, TIAA, Gonzaga University, Middlesex Hospital and Amica. She spends her waking hours leveraging data, and is rumored to dream about strategic personas.

Andrew Perry, VP Growth

Harnessing over 15 years of expertise, Andrew challenges the status quo to deliver trailblazing omni-channel campaign ideas that boost growth across healthcare, education, financial services, and B2B industries. His vast digital media experience spans programmatic advertising, search, social, and retargeting strategies, underpinned by data and human curiosity. At Mediate.ly, Andrew is committed to achieving exceptional client outcomes and partnerships.

Mandy Davis, VP Revenue Operations

Mandy brings nearly 20 years of experience in media strategy, negotiation, and management to her role as VP, Media Marketing. Her objective is to connect brands with their target audiences, compelling people to interact and driving ROI. Mandy’s background in healthcare, higher ed, and retail media includes leading-edge media placements and stadium naming rights.