The Challenge

Surrounded by bigger players. And seriously outspent.

If ever there was a challenger brand in healthcare, it’s Middlesex Health. Surrounded by three larger systems – one with a national reputation – Middlesex is routinely outspent by orders of magnitude. Further complicating the picture, these large competitors are in aggressive acquisition mode, buying up smaller hospitals in order to move into more and more communities.

The Work

Exceptional care that’s close to home, hits home.

Through precise targeting, activated this award-winning TV commercial with subsequent spots across a robust omni-channel media plan without underscoring Middlesex's USP – high-quality care without long travel.

Maple sugar farmer commercial cover

The Outcome

After the health system rebrand.

In partnership with our sister agency, Primacy, who developed the creative strategy, our advertising approach has driven significant business results. 

In just six months, website traffic and service line visits rose by 12% and 8% respectively. Compared to rival hospitals, we saw a +66% boost in Best Overall Quality, while their ratings were either flat or declining. We also marked a +39% surge in Best Doctors rating and increases of +30% or more in Best Image/Reputation, Latest Tech & Equipment, and Most Preferred for all Health Needs. Minor but important growth was also visible in Surgical Procedures (+2%) and Overall Inpatient Volume (+3%).

The rebranding to Middlesex Health was gauged through brand survey, online metrics, and website activity, revealing a distinct upward trend. Branded search queries for Middlesex Health showed stronger recognition as a Health System over time, a +10pt lift in acknowledgment as a “comprehensive health system”, a +136% boost in organic searches for the new brand name, and a resounding 22M digital impressions in the first quarter post-launch.

Shooting the Middlesex commercials

Dropping Some Data


increase in request an appointment form submits


increase in contact us form submits


increase in pageviews


increase in click-to-call on the website


increase in find a physician search