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As media buying vets, we know many agencies don’t have the expertise or resources to develop effective demand-gen media planning and buying. That’s why AORs often rely on Mediate.ly to supplement their efforts. Leveraging our deep data-driven insights, strategic thinking, and hands-on experience, we work collaboratively to strategize, customize, and optimize—ensuring every media buy is perfectly tailored to deliver the maximum impact. Our expertise empowers agencies to maximize ROI, increase brand exposure, and drive success for their clients.

Why agencies trust Mediate.ly to deliver results

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Prioritized Customer Service & Programmatic Prowess

We emphasize superior customer service and leverage extensive programmatic capabilities to fulfill your agency's unique needs and amplify campaign performance. 

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Simplifying Marketing Through Consolidation

Acting as your one-stop media hub, Mediate.ly streamlines your media endeavors by consolidating vendors and publishers to meet your diverse inventory requirements. 

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Transparency Through Data-Rich, White-Labeled Reporting

We provide transparent, comprehensive metrics in free, standard, white-labeled reports, bolstering confidence in the data you present to your clients. 

Want expertise, efficiency, engagement, and effectiveness?

Find out why some of the top brands trust Mediate.ly to deliver results.

Paid Media Capabilities

Enhance brand engagement and drive results with Mediate.ly's expertise in Connected TV advertising. From smart TVs to OTT devices, our strategies allow marketing agencies to support their advertisers’ media plans across various inventory on popular streaming platforms like Hulu, Pluto, and Sling, captivating their target audience like never before. 

Elevate your clients' brand presence and boost program engagement with Mediate.ly's data-driven strategies for online video advertising. Our pre-roll ads can enhance your clients’ online video advertising on mobile, tablet, and laptop devices, optimizing search performance and achieving tangible results. 

Unlock the potential of thought leadership content and drive user engagement with Mediate.ly's native ad partnership with TripleLift. Our proven strategies support marketing agencies’ advertisers in showcasing their expertise and connecting with their audience on a deeper level, driving brand recognition and business growth. 

Amplify your clients’ brand message and strategically target your audience through audio advertising across platforms like Triton, Audacy, or Spotify, maximizing your clients’ impact and connecting with potential customers across local radio sites and podcasts. 

Maximize your client’s brand message exposure with Mediate.ly's DOOH and programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) solutions. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your clients' brands gets noticed by the right audience, targeting mobile devices exposed to DOOH ads for optimal results. From billboards to retail point-of-sale (POS) screens, we provide a total market targeting approach ensuring exceptional results. 

Reaching a wider audience and establishing a strong foothold in the competitive landscape is vital for brands working with their marketing agencies. Agencies have trust in Mediate.ly's targeted distribution strategies through print publications to elevate your clients' brands in the print space, achieving your marketing objectives with precision. 

Consolidate and streamline your advertising efforts with Mediate.ly's curated programmatic Private Marketplace (PMP) deals. Our sourced inventory and personalized approach allow you to reach your target audience with high-impact inventory on popular networks and publishers like Hearst RON, CNN, or Fox Sports, delivering exceptional results and ensuring standout brand recognition and safety. 

Are your clients looking to connect with a wider audience? Allow Mediate.ly's in-house expertise in Linear TV advertising to maximize your clients' reach while minimizing waste, driving engagement, and increasing brand recognition. With a personalized approach and industry partners, we ensure exceptional results. 

We understand the power of broadcast radio advertising in delivering a lasting impact on your clients' brand message. Our team connects with popular radio network advertising, effectively promoting your clients' brand, product, and expertise to a broader audience. Achieve success with our strategic approach and industry know-how. 

Targeting Capabilities

Unmask the intrinsic power of client-owned data and harness it with exceptional CRM targeting to redefine your media strategies for your clients. Step into a realm of unmatched personalization, pinpoint targeting, and significant ROI. Uphold data privacy and adherence to regulations while ascending to the top of your industry. Grab hold of expansive growth and steadfast success in a swiftly evolving digital landscape with a partnership with Mediate.ly.

In the face of cookie deprecation, Mediate.ly's contextual targeting solution empowers your agency to deliver precise, relevant ads at the ideal point of engagement, ensuring audience satisfaction, and driving measurable results. Your clients can experience augmented user interaction and significant messaging relevancy leading to an impressive ROI. 

Narrate your clients' brand stories compellingly and engage your client's audiences with a discerningly choreographed sequence of ads. Sequential advertising endorses a strategic and coherent narrative flow, inviting users on a noteworthy digital adventure with your clients' brands. Witness a surge in engagement and cultivate more profound relationships. 

Our tactical alliance with LiveRamp hits the high notes of deterministic third-party data targeting so you don't have to. Depend on our unparalleled proficiency, strategically masterful insights, and a significant network of trustworthy data partners to guarantee measurable results and elevate the digital experience in the ever-evolving media industry. 

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